I've spent over 20 years of my life as a Muslim American.  I created this site to share my story and tell the incredible stories of other Muslimahs. 

  I am not a religious scholar or an expert on anything in Islam.  I am just a Muslimah wanting to stay on the straight path. Honestly, some days I struggle.   My prayer is that I am able to turn my struggle into service. I hope you will be comfortable here and stay awhile.  Read the blog, listen to the podcast.  InshaAllah you will feel at home here. 


I Believe!

 I believe when you share your struggles , something incredible happens.  You begin processing the moments and events that shaped you.  When you share your struggles a clarity comes.  Acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and a self love forms. Healing begins. 


 There's no place like home 

I was born and raised in Kansas just like my favorite movie character Dorothy.  As an American revert to Islam, I've often thought if only I could click my heels and easily find the place where I belong.  

Dorothy finds friends who are all wishing for something they lack.  This group of characters becoming unlikely loyal companions while each of them contribute to the mission of the group.  

 I am following my own yellow brick road, meeting amazing Muslimahs along the way that inspire and encourage me to stay focused on the reward: Jannah. 

 I will never stop clicking my heels, always looking for a place that feels like home.